Serving the needs of early career chemists

Our Mission

Advocate for, develop, and support rising chemists to positively impact their careers, the ACS, and the future of chemistry

The YCC addresses specific issues facing younger chemists within the ACS and serves as a voice to the Society on behalf of younger chemists


Our Goals

  • Advocate for younger chemists’ needs, concerns, and contributions.
  • Provide tools and support to younger chemists for diverse career opportunities and development.
  • Foster and connect communities of younger chemists around the world.

Upcoming Events

Catalyze the Vote

Webinar September 14, 2022 @ 5:00 PM EDT

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The YCC is involved with publicizing awards specifically targeted towards younger chemists or recognizing activities that support younger chemists, including:

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Come meet with chemistry professionals and hear about their experiences, areas of expertise, and resources on Sept 18 at 2PM EST! Register here:

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