A Younger Chemist’s Guide to Overcoming “Impostor Syndrome”

You’re a first-year graduate student and have gathered in a conference room with your colleagues. As everyone has been asked to present their research, you wait for your turn, feeling queasy and wondering why you’re even there, believing there is no way what you have to say can compare with what your colleagues have presented. […]

How to Select the “Right” Graduate Program

General Graduate School Advice When examining potential graduate schools, only consider ones in which there are at least three professors you might like to work with. It is fine to have not settled on an exact research topic, but it is important to have a general idea of what you might like based on previous […]

Life’s Not Linear-Switching Graduate Schools

When I was a senior in college the realty of graduation was dawning on me. I knew I wanted to teach at the college/university level, so I would need to go to graduate school. I haphazardly took my GREs and began applying to different schools. I was accepted into a Ph.D. program that was very […]

Curiosity in Chemistry

Finding joy in research is not something that every young scientist experiences in the setting of a chemistry laboratory course or lecture, yet many undergraduates take the next step of their early career by investing the next few years of their life in graduate school.  In 1939, Abraham Flexner expressed the importance of spiritual and […]

The Power of Your Network and Tips to Start and Maintain It

“A degree will give you a key, but your network will open the door.” –S.R. What is your biggest asset? Take a moment to think about it. Did you think about your savings account or the house you will one day own? Maybe you thought that you are just starting out and do not really […]

Lab to Office: Advice for Your Professional Transition

Whether you have made up your mind, are curious or just stumbled here, reading this article will provide you with more insight about how to transition from chemistry to business. Once you make that decision to leave lab, prepare yourself for the next steps to ensure an easy and efficient transition. UTILIZE YOUR RESOURCES & […]