Dorothy J. Phillips

Past Member of ACS Board of Directors from 2014-2022

Candidate for ACS President-Elect, 2024


Why are you running for President-Elect?

After serving nine years on the ACS Board of Directors I realized that there is more work for me to do. Serving in the ACS presidential succession and returning to the Board, I could strive to make changes for the sustainability of the Society.

What are some of the most important changes you would like to enact during your ACS Presidency?

My vision is for a sustainable and global ACS that supports the advancement of all chemists in their careers and endeavors. My major focus is building chemistry careers, moving the needle on ACS being inclusive and global in building chemistry careers for all practicing and future scientists.  Recently, a new initiative for chemical technical professionals (CTP), those with and without undergraduate degrees, was announced.  It is part of the 2022-2026 Board of Directors investment known as Skilled Technical Workforce. The chemical industry needs qualified chemical technical professionals, ready to meet the demands of a dynamic and exciting chemical enterprise. Combining this initiative with Goal 5 of ACS strategic plan drives the new chemical technical professionals to include those underrepresented in STEM.  I would work with the Board and governance including Safety to advocate, communicate, and increase awareness of this initiative to make sure it is global. We would work from the corporate side to build relationships with potential employers for CTP. A possible secondary result from this program is an increase in industry members, a goal for ACS membership.

How and when did you get started in ACS?

Service in ACS national offices: Board of Directors, Director-at-Large, 2014–22, Councilor, ex officio, 2014–22, Executive Committee, 2016–22; Committee on Professional & Member Relations, 2014–20, 2022, Chair 2018–20, DEIR Experts Panel, 2022; Committee on Budget and Finance, 2021–23; Committee on Public Affairs & Public Relations, 2015, 2021; Committee on Grants & Awards, 2014, 2016; Board Liaison for ACS Science & Human Rights Initiatives, 2014–23; Committee on Strategic Planning, 2016–17, Grassroots - Working Group, Chair, 2016, Communications Chair, 2017; Collaborative for Re-imaging a Diverse ACS Membership, Chair 2015–17; Development Advisory Board, 2017–19, 2023–25; Council Policy Committee, 2008–13, Nominations Sub-Committee, Chair, 2012–13; Committee on Committees, 2001–06, Secretary, 2003–04, Industrial Pipeline Sub-Committee, Chair, 2005–06; Committee on Membership Affairs, 1996–2000.

Service in ACS offices: Northeastern Section: councilor, 1995–13; chair, 1993; chair-elect and program chair, 1992; Project SEED, committee chair, 1994–95; Nominating Committee, chair, 1994; Centennial Celebration, co-chair, 1998; Trustee 2014–25, chair, 2016, 2022; Analytical Chemistry Division: chair, 2009–10; Program chair, 2008–09, chair-elect, 2007–08, immediate past-chair, 2010–11, Fundraising Committee chair, 2012–13.

How do you plan to work with younger chemists during your time as President?

While serving as the Committee on Committees (ConC) liaison to YCC I enjoyed entertaining the committee members at my home when a national meeting was held in Boston. I realized then and now that YCC members have many new ideas that effectively empower, support, and advocate for all younger chemists as they build their careers.   Most important to me as president would be to listen, giving voice to their concerns and especially to their new ideas. A recent program that I am excited about is I.D.E.A., Innovative Development & Expansion to Advance ACS ( New programs or improvements to an existing one coming from YCC have the potential to make ACS more relevant and useful to our younger and future chemists. I will encourage both the national and local YCC committees to participate in the I.D.E.A. process and with my support or that of other leaders hopefully some of their ideas will be selected and developed into funded projects to advance ACS. YCC members will be very instrumental in the Chemical Professional Technicians program, many of whom will be young chemists. Their ability to support this initiative will be important in the CPT assembly into the chemical enterprise, building chemistry careers for all chemists.


Dorothy Phillips