Young Chemists Crossing Borders (YCCB)

International Exchange Program

Young Chemists Crossing Borders is an international exchange program launched as part of the International Year of Chemistry (IYC 2011) between the ACS Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) and the EuCheMS European Young Chemists Network (EYCN). This program stems from the ongoing success of an exchange program between the Northeastern Section of ACS (NESACS) and the German Chemical Society (GDCh). Alternating between the partners each year younger chemists will attend an international conference, e.g. an ACS National Meeting or a EuCheMS Chemistry Congress, accompanied by additional days covering social, cultural and professional exchange by visiting chemical companies, universities and local points of interest. Look out for more information on future international exchanges!

Seville 2016 YCCB Seville 2016
Boston 2015 YCCB Boston 2015
Istanbul 2014 YCCB Istanbul 2014
Indianapolis 2013 YCCB Indianapolis 2013
Prague 2012 YCCB Prague 2012
Denver 2011 YCCB Denver 2011