What is an LSYCC?

Local Section Younger Chemists Committee

Within each ACS Local Section, the LSYCC facilitates networking and interactions between younger chemists and those in their fields and introduces young chemists to active roles within the Society. LSYCCs empower younger chemists — those under the age of 40 or getting started in their careers — to participate in programs that advance chemistry and enhance their professional development.

The national ACS Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) encourages the establishment of an LSYCC for each ACS Local Section across the country! We also provide support to LSYCCs as they encourage young chemical professionals to network at the grassroots level and engage in active roles within the ACS.

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Local Section Younger Chemists Committee (LSYCC)

Want to get involved?

Join an existing LSYCC

If you are interested in becoming involved in your LSYCC, the first step is to contact your Local Section officers and express your interest. Great volunteers and new ideas are always welcome.

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Start a new LSYCC

  • Help to bring together members with similar professional needs, and enable them to identify and address common issues
  • Provide leadership opportunities for younger chemists who wish to develop skills
  • Provide a vehicle for younger chemists to voice their concerns to the Society and to the larger scientific community

There is a network of LSYCCs, coordinated by the national YCC, that helps these groups to share ideas, successes, and solutions to problems.

Member Highlight

Juan Carlos Aponte-Santini

Governance Interface and Outreach (GIO)

Get funded through a Local Section grant

Local Section YCC Grants are given to help LSYCCs sponsor their first big event or launch a new program. Although there are few restrictions on these grants, their uses can be as varied as the sections that request them. Grants are awarded each year, around the time of the ACS national meetings.

Leadership in ACS

Being a local ACS Section Leader is a great opportunity to practice many of the skills and techniques that are required throughout your career to help you achieve your goals and be happy.

We host a webinar that focuses on the three key aspects of all great leaders and provides some advice on how to implement these throughout your professional career and volunteering roles. Leadership is something that can be learned, so please join us to learn how!