YCC Logos

Usage Agreement

The YCC Logo is provided for the use of LSYCCs with rightful reasons to promote ACS YCC programs, products, or services. While we encourage the use of YCC Logo, some rules for its use must be observed:

  • The YCC logo cannot be modified or incorporated into another logo
  • It cannot be cut apart or have any of its elements changed or rearranged
  • The YCC name and logo should never be used in circumstances that might be construed as an endorsement of a commercial product or service
  • The YCC logo must always be used alongside the official ACS logs. The ACS logo should be on the left or top of the page, and the YCC logo should be on the right or under the ACS logo

Any questions on the use of the ACS name and/or logo should be referred to info@ycc-acs.org

ACS Logos

Many other ACS logos are available for LSYCCs, ACS local sections, technical divisions, student affiliates, regional meeting planners, and anyone else, member or non-member, who has rightful reason to promote ACS programs, products, or services.