Meet the YCC: Tabbetha Bohac

Meet Dr. Tabbetha Bohac, a senior research analyst at Numerof & Associates Inc. and member of the National Younger Chemists Committee. Tabbetha is also involved in her local section, the St. Louis Section. Tabbetha’s profile is part of “Meet the YCC”, a new series of blog posts highlighting YCC members and associates and what they do both in and outside of ACS.

Tabbetha Bohac (she/her/hers)

YCC Member

YCC subcommittee: Local and Regional Affairs (LRA)

Other ACS Involvement:

Chair, St. Louis Section; YCC Chair, St. Louis Section; Awards Chair, Midwest – Great Lakes Regional Meeting


B.S., Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Chicago

Ph.D., Chemistry, Washington University in St. Louis


LinkedIn, Instagram: @TabbethaBohac

What projects are you currently working on?

As part of the Local and Regional Affairs (LRA) subcommittee of YCC, I am working to empower younger chemists at the local level by supporting events and outreach for established local section YCCs (LSYCCs) as well as helping create LSYCCs in those sections where one does not yet exist. To this end, we offer, review, and award funding to support new and established LSYCCs – please visit the YCC website if interested! Additionally, we are working with regional meetings to create and promote events focused on the needs of younger chemists. This past spring, we hosted a Local Section Leadership Summit event focused on helping LSYCCs with developing strategic plans. We are excited to host another event in this series in the fall focused on networking.


Presenting the 2023 Science and Technology Award at the 2023 St. Louis ACS Awards Banquet. This banquet is held annually and recognizes outstanding local high school and undergraduate students as well as teachers within our section. Credit: St. Louis ACS Section

What is your favorite part about being on the YCC?

The YCC is a group of individuals that continually inspire me with their dedication to improving the experience of and advocating for younger chemists within ACS. The group is dynamic, engaged, ambitious and – most importantly – fun. Some of my favorite memories from ACS have been from working with my peers in YCC at national meetings as well as virtual programming. As individual members move on from YCC, it’s rewarding to me to see the journeys taken in all parts of the scientific world. I feel I play a small role in facilitating the voices of younger members of the scientific community be heard.

During my time in graduate school at Washington University in St. Louis, I worked on the synthesis of novel molecules to explore nontraditional therapeutic strategies for combating multidrug resistant Gram-negative human pathogens.

What is something you want every younger chemist to know?

As someone who didn’t know what career path I was interested in during graduate school, the most helpful piece of advice I received was to stay open-minded. When connecting with people, truly listen to hear their journey and learn from them. I wouldn’t have ended up in my current role (as a research analyst or within the YCC) if it weren’t for conversations with mentors and friends leading me to unexpected places.

I am currently a senior research analyst at Numerof & Associates Inc. In this role, I work with several organizations across the global healthcare sector, supporting their strategy, infrastructure, and analytics.

What are your favorite things to do for fun?

Staying active through running, sports, and hanging with my puppy!

Article by Olivia Wilkins, Ph.D.

Olivia Wilkins is an astrochemist and NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) Fellow at NASA Goddard. She holds a PhD in Chemistry from Caltech and a BS in Chemistry and Mathematics from Dickinson College.